Monthly Archives: April 2014

Reaching the Next Generation

In Kenya, although people in their 40s and 50s seem to have a Christian/religious culture, many of the young people my age are caught up in the world, partying, and pursuing materialism. They are all very attracted to American hip hop culture, very sexually active, and drugs are becoming a more and more common thing. It is very sad. Because… (more…)

From Evangelism to Now Descipleship

Well, this was the big week. It has been one year since I met all these men and women who live in the Nandi Hills. In one year’s time: a Bible school has been started for pastors and church leaders (Julius, Nelson, and Samuel deserve much accreditation for this portion because they are volunteering as teachers);  I have trained the… (more…)

Women Discipling Younger Women

The Ladies group in Mt Elgon is doing excellent. I will spend another two weeks teaching them how to do research, write lesson plans, and then they will start planning outreach, evangelism, and discipleship among the youth in their town. I am so excited. They are really devoted to make this thing work. Their teacher (Ruben pictured to the right)… (more…)