Monthly Archives: December 2013

Coffee Break

Every week, I stop in Eldoret on my way to the Nandi Hills to get something to eat and rest a bit before traveling the rest of the journey, and there is no better place in all of Eldoret to eat then the little Muslim coffee shop off the side of the main highway. It is by far the best… (more…)

Christmas Eve In Kitale, Kenya

Christmas in Kenya is very different than in the States. Although people celebrate by spending time with their family, there is a lot less materialism. Below is how I spent Christmas Eve with my friends. We went to a kesha. Kesha is the local name for an overnight prayer service. Usually a church comes together once a week for a… (more…)

Christmas for the Orphans

A big thank you for those of you that sent money for the kids. We bought a month’s supply of food, other supplies, a lot of sweets, and some really great toys they will enjoy. I think the new soccer ball will be the biggest hit. (The major bulk of the food isn’t in the picture below because we buy… (more…)

Home Fellowship

I may have falsely claimed Sundays as my favorite day of the week in my last blog post. I think Monday may very well tie with Sunday. I have been hosting a home fellowship in my house every Monday. We have a time of worship, systematic Bible study, prayer for each other, and then a big meal. We start at… (more…)

Tea Plantations

Feeling better and back to the rolling hills of lime green! I have to admit, there are few things I look forward to like teaching in the Nandi Hills. It is so beautiful there and the students are an excellent group of godly men and women who are eager to start disciplining people. The rolling hills of lime green tea… (more…)

Back in the Swing of Things

I went for my follow up appointment in Nairobi this week and everything went well. I am walking normal again and am able to go back to life as usual. Being sick for a month has made me slow down and that has been a humbling experience for me. It has also provided me with a lot of time to… (more…)