Monthly Archives: October 2013

Sick Again

Well, I guess it is about time for me to break the silence. I haven’t been very attentive to my computer this week. I’ve been sick, and yes, as always it is because I have pushed myself too far and have relapsed, so this week I am at home resting and just doing work around town instead of traveling far.… (more…)

Baptisms in the Rain

After teaching the women in Chief’s village, we traveled back to David’s village. We spent a very long time listening to the men on our team teaching these men in many different languages. When we told them that salvation came through faith and that church was not a building, but the body of Christ, they told us they had never… (more…)

Chief’s Village

Ok, thank you everyone for your prayers. I am feeling 100% better and strong as ever before. However, I did not leave for Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda with the team on Friday. I stayed behind. I felt at complete peace about the decision and had many confirmations that I needed to stay home and help with things here. So, now… (more…)

Power Outage

We have been having a power outage for the last few days and I have been sick since returning from Pokot, so I am sorry I have communicated so little. Please pray for my health. I am feeling much better after taking a round of antifugal, antibiotic, and antiparasitic medications, but my strength is gone and my immune system has… (more…)

Hunting in Pokot

After teaching this village about Jesus, they in turn taught us something: how to hunt. It was a very kind gesture, but with a whole village, a chief, and 3 drivers all giving instructions at the same time, I became a little overwhelmed. Let’s just say I took a bow home with me and will be practicing a bit more… (more…)

A Story of Courage

We ventured into the bush on motorcycles farther than what you could walk. There we met a very brave young man. His name was David. Despite his name, he had never heard the Gospel before. In fact, I don’t believe anyone in his village had heard the whole Gospel before. When we told David the Good News, he was overjoyed… (more…)

Door To Door in Pokot

We spend time doing door to door ministry our first day. After walking quite a while, I ran into a Catholic family that was struggling with forgiveness towards one of their sons. I don’t know why, but I opened up and shared a lot of personal testimony with them and then showed them Matthew 8:14-15 and then told them the… (more…)