Monthly Archives: September 2013

Catching up on Kitale Life

I haven’t been blogging because every time I try, the power goes out. This week has been very exciting and a lot has been accomplished. So I will try and catch you up to speed! The team of Ugandan young men who accompanied us to Kakuma Refugee Camp are still with us. They have been doing ministry in our town… (more…)

Last Day, Baptisms

Our last day was full of celebration as we baptized many refugees and Turkana who had accepted Christ. There was a young Sudanese women who I counselled before baptism. I will never forget her as long as I live. She asked me to pray for her, that God would give her true faith in Jesus Christ, faith enough to turn… (more…)

Ministry and Outreach in Kakuma

While I was helping with the medical clinic, the rest of the team was traveling from zone to zone showing the Jesus film. They showed the video to thousands and then shared the gospel with them. While this was going on, a group was going door to door sharing the gospel and counseling people. Last but not least, we had… (more…)

Medical Clinic

On our second day, I helped with the medical clinic. There were a lot of tuberculosis cases and tropical ulcers were very common. However, the most common complaint was back and joint pain. Many of these women start carrying huge containers of water on their heads at a very young age. There was one women who I saw at our… (more…)

Church in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Our first full day in Kakuma was Sunday. Our team leader loaded us into a buss, and then drove from one end of the camp to the other dropping us off at different zones along the way. It took around 2 hours to drive from one end of Kakuma to the others. Usually, teams stay in a pack and are… (more…)

Turkana, Kenya

Praise the Lord, we had a successful trip and everyone is home safe and sound. Our team spent time doing door to door evangelism, showing the Jesus film at churches, setting up health clinics for the Turkana people, and starting a Bible school for pastors in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Here are pictures from our first day. As you can tell,… (more…)

Thank You

There was an anonymous donation made to the orphanage Lisa was helping with, and I had the privilege of going and buying the children the school supplies they desperately needed. So, here is a big Thank You! If you know who made the donation, please show them the picture. Other than this: I have survived the two day power outage… (more…)