Monthly Archives: August 2013

Culture Shock

People ask me “What is Kenya like?” Truth is, traveling from one part of Kenya to another is enough to cause culture shock. The socioeconomic gap in this country is astounding. Kenya has many huge slums where people live piled on top of each other in mud huts without running water or electricity. ¬†Kenya also has neighborhoods full of castles… (more…)

Nairobi Trip

Praise the Lord! As mentioned in my last news letter, I planned on taking a friend with me to Nairobi to visit a doctor. We have had a successful trip there and back. She has been assessed by a professional, diagnosed, and is receiving treatment. The treatment seems to be greatly improved her upper air way. I will take her… (more…)

Running 100 Miles per Hour all Week

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I have been very busy studying, teaching classes, hosting a Bible study in my home, visiting the Nandi Hills, packing for a trip to Nairobi, printing material for the trip to the refugee camp, and having an awesome time at a bond fire last night with high school youth. I would say the highlight… (more…)

The Lost Art of Shoe Shining

Over the years I have occasionally posted things that are culturally different, but this one is something I have never covered–the lost art of shoe shining. Never in America have I seen shoe shiners, but her in Kenya, you cannot make it half a block without passing them. These men can shine shoes, resole old shoes, or just make you… (more…)

Visiting the Nandi Hills

I visited the Nandi Hills this weekend. It amazes me what God has made possible. I first visited the Nandi Hills on a short term mission trip with some of my friends from Texas this January. What I thought would be a week of door to door ministry with my friends, has turned into the planting of a new Bible… (more…)

Refugee Camp

We are preparing for September 6th! To the left is a picture of Caroline (my wonderful assistant) helping me make a large stack of handouts we will use to teach people about Jesus. What is happening on the 6th? Many from Life Changing Discipleship will be traveling to the Kakuma Refugee camp. We will be doing evangelism, outreach, pastoral encouragement/training… (more…)

Buying Bibles

Bible buying season has begun! The first hundred were bought in Kitale and sent out to the Church where Lisa Dees and my dad were helping. Thomas, our Kenyan director, just traveled to Nairobi and placed an order there for another 100. I greatly appreciate his help! These will be going to the Nandi Hills’ work camps.¬† Thank you so… (more…)