Monthly Archives: July 2013

Let the Test of Edurance Begin

I have officially begun my BTCL training. It will take 2-3 years for me to finish, but what better time to go to Bible school! We will be reading a whole book of the old testament each week, along with it’s study notes, related scriptures, and our text book. This course, along with our Bible Study Methods course totals 100… (more…)

Teaching in Highschools

¬†Praise the Lord! I went to St Joseph’s Catholic Boarding School this week to speak with the administration and received permission to teach a biblical foundation course there from 4-5 pm on Tuesdays. There are around 800 girls at this one school and they agreed to round up all the trouble makers for me and my students to mentor. I’ll… (more…)

West Pokot

[Sorry for not posting anything this past week. I have sacrificed the time I use to blog and answer emails this week to finish online continuing education classes required for my nursing license. Not fun, but my last exam will be over with tomorrow!] There is something about West Pokot that makes me feel like I am in the Old,… (more…)

Leis of Christmas Tinsel

Sometimes when someone wants to honor or welcome you here, they hug you and then wrap leis of Christmas tinsel around your neck. I am not even quite sure of the cultural significance, but it is a very nice gesture and makes you feel very appreciated. These pictures come from when we were opening the new school in the Nandi… (more…)

Missions Update Letter

I cannot believe it has been a little over a month since I been have back in Kenya. Praise the Lord! A lot of good things are happening. There is so much I cannot even fit it all into one letter, so I am highlighting only a few things. Visitors from the states: Jim and Melony Roche (From Eldorado) visited… (more…)

Traditional Kenyan Cooking

You can see the British influence by the large range hood above the stove. Fire is prepared and then individual logs are moved around to control temperature. This is the most elaborate one I have ever seen. It serves as a church’s main kitchen and was used to provide us with one of the most delicious meals I have had… (more…)

Positive Women with a Positive Outlook

[Permission was granted to share this story] After sharing my testimony one day, a women came and spoke with me. ¬†She said “Now that you have shared your testimony, I want to share mine with you.” She went on to describe how she was positive (HIV positive). She was one of the first diagnosed with the disease. She described how… (more…)