Monthly Archives: June 2013

Teaching the Bible in the Public Schools

I have had an awesome week! I have started visiting my new classes and I have seen God working in a lot of hearts. My hope is to get all the BTCP students teaching the Bible in the Kenyan High Schools. I shared my testimony with the BTCP students in Pokot, Kaptama, and ICM campus. Then I explained how far… (more…)

Payment in Chickens

I had a great week with Jim and Melony Roche, but a slow internet connection has kept me from updating my blog the past few days. If there is anything that stood out to my visitors, it was how our students in Pokot pay for their school. Here is the chicken that was payment for class this week. The man taking… (more…)

Life Changing Testimonies

Jim and Melony Roche have been interviewing many of our students for a video. It has been quite an emotional week for all of us. Hearing their testimonies has really impacted me. I have spent a lot of time viewing these men and women as “students,” without realizing the enormous work God has done in their lives and what He… (more…)

New Classes

I have been traveling quite a bit this past week through bumpy roads and construction zones. Instead of visiting individual schools, I will be having select students from different schools coming to central locations where I will teach them. Then these students will take what I have taught them back to their classes and begin teaching their peers. For this… (more…)

A Studying Student

Today was a very nice day of rest, and I can now say my household is back in order after all the mold repair. There are very few things I enjoy more than sitting in my home reading my bible while waiting on a batch of cookies in the oven.  That is a pretty good summary of today. I am… (more…)

Opening a New School

We opened a new school this week in the Mt Elgon area. Please pray for these students continued excitement, in-depth understanding, and a zeal to teach others the Word of God. Everyone is eagerly awaiting their new text books. There was a little black board trouble the first day though! We had to lay the thing on it’s side and… (more…)

The Fundi

Fundi in Swahili means trained worker or skilled craftsman, and I have had a Fundi and his whole crew running around my house. I got pictures of them working for you to see, but just lost them in Picasa and have given up trying to find them. 🙁 Basically, my bedroom had been over taken by mold…along with my mattress.… (more…)