Monthly Archives: May 2013

Back in Kitale

As of last night, I arrived safely back in Kitale and have spent the day unpacking and grocery shopping. I am hopping to be back to work tomorrow. Please keep everyone here in your prayers. Kitale is growing and quickly becoming a city–which means an increase in crime rate. There has been a lot of violence compared to usual and… (more…)

Only 2 Days left!

Thank you everyone for all your warm, heartfelt, encouraging comments. If it is in the Lord’s will, I will announce that there are only 2 days left until I leave for Kenya! I am glad to have spent some more time at home. I have spent a lot of needed time in God’s Word this week and have had a… (more…)

Earaches and Planes Don’t Go Well Together

I made a last minute judgment call and rescheduled my plane ticket. Something is wrong with my left tonsil and it is spreading to my left ear. I know waiting is the right thing to do because traveling to a third world country while your a little sick is the best way to get really sick. However, this has been… (more…)

Only 2 Days Left!

Only two days until I will be leaving the USA for Kenya. I have greatly enjoyed helping with the Christoval River Ministry since I have been home. One of my brothers in Christ, Clifton Brown, preaches repentance to the very worldly crowed that comes to the park each weekend. We go out into the park inviting people, praying with them,… (more…)