Monthly Archives: March 2013

Update from Home

A Big thank you to Knickerbocker Community Church for their hospitality this week. I greatly enjoyed sharing with you all what I have seen over the past year. Fundraising is going well, and people have been very generous, however, I will need to be home at least another month before I am financially where I need to be to return to Africa.… (more…)

First Week Home

Hi everyone! I am felling much better now. Thank you for your prayers. I spent yesterday having lunch with my next door neighbor. She attended the same university as me, went to the church across the street from mine, and lived in the town next to me, but we never met until we were living across the street from each other in Africa. We… (more…)

Finally Home

Well, I had planned to have pictures up of my family meeting me in Dallas, pictures of all my friends, and stories of ministry happening in Texas…but unfortunately things have not gone as planned. About an hour before boarding my flight, I started getting sick and I have been sick for the last four days. After coming home to San… (more…)