Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Search for Bibles Begins

After spending a week in prayer over the issue, I have decided to look into buying bibles for the work camps in the Nandi hills, and if possible, providing each house with a copy of God’s Word. After that, if the women there want to start a biblical foundation class, I want to teach them. It is a very long drive… (more…)

The Work Camps

On our last day of evangelism we headed out to the tea plantations yet again. However, this time, we visited a different area–the actual tea plantations. The previous days we had just been walking through private fields, but now we visited the work camps. In the Nandi Hills there are enormous tea plantations owned by tea factories and they have large housing… (more…)

More Stories

By the second day of our trip, we were quite well seasoned at sharing the gospel and praying for people. We would walk, pray, walk, share, walk, encourage…until we found ourselves miles away from camp and needing to head home. These people come from a much different culture than ours. They are very open about their problems and the sin… (more…)

1st Day in the Hills

Pictured to the left is a Christian man and his family whom we visited on our first hike. I told him I wanted a picture with him so I could share his request for prayer with my church back home. He told us to pray that his people would be delivered from their Alcoholism. He informed us that most of the poverty… (more…)

Seeing the Lord at Work

This week in the Nandi Hills was absolutely amazing. Thank you for your prayers. Sorry I was unable to update my blog while I was there. I will spend the next few days recapping on our trip, but my internet is acting up so please be patient with me. The Nandi Hills are a place where God’s majesty is evident through His creation everywhere… (more…)

Leaving for Nandi Hills

I will be going with a group down into the Nandi hills this week, and I ask that you keep us in your prayers. Please pray that God would guide us, keep us safe, and work through us as we minister towards these people. A few days ago I learned from one of my colleagues (a Kenyan missionary who lived… (more…)

Praise God for Healing

Sorry for not posting any updates this past week. I was very ill all of last week after receiving a positive malaria test and ended up at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi. Thankfully, one of my Kenyan friends offered to meet me in Nairobi and took very good care of me.  I went to a specialist at Aga Khan later in the… (more…)