Monthly Archives: December 2012

Women’s Conference

I have had a pretty busy week between running around town with everyone and getting food poisoning in Nairobi, but I am finally back on line and feeling better. Lisa Dees and I were invited to join the local women at a women’s conference in Mailisaba. We readily accepted and were delighted to attend. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the night… (more…)


Well, I am leaving to go pick everyone up at the airport in Nairobi. Please pray for us journey mercies to and from Nairobi. Traveling by road is very dangerous and the last few times I have been to Nairobi there has been terrorist attacks. I absolutely love Nairobi, but I never feel safe going this close to Christmas. If there is… (more…)

School is out for Christmas Break

Well, school is finally out for the holidays which means I have a lot of preparation to do for the Christmas visitors! My family is flying in on Sunday with a few of my college friends to spend Christmas in Kenya. It will be quite busy tomorrow because I have to leave town Sunday to pick them up at the Nairobi… (more…)

Hard Working Hands

The further away from civilization you go, the more things you will see that are made by hand. It is interesting when you live in a town where all the signs are either carved from wood or hand painted. Below is a picture of the painters in our town. You can tell how fast Kitale is growing in size. There are… (more…)

Teaching Ms. Caroline

It is Tuesday and Caroline has done it yet again: homemade pizza. Teaching her has actually taught me a lot about African cooking. For example, in Africa, there are no such things as measuring cups or measuring spoons. We had to study the difference between teaspoons, tablespoons, cups and how to convert them in mls. I told her I would… (more…)


After nearly a week straight without internet, signs of life are finally returning to my Safaricom modem! Below are some pictures of the Men and Women in one of my classes. They had invited me to a ministry conference in Bungoma this weekend. We had a fun time hiking around all the huge enormous rocks at Cornerstone Fellowship, eating African food, and… (more…)

The Wonderful Ms. Caroline

I have come to a conclusion that  it would be a shame if I didn’t  start introducing you to people I know and work with. Especially after living in Kitale for a year! SoI will begin with one of the most important people in my life: Ms Caroline. Caroline was the first African lady I met when I moved out here. She… (more…)