Monthly Archives: November 2012

Average Town in Africa

Below are pictures of Saboti. This is where I travel to teach class on Friday. It’s a good example of the average looking town in Africa. I don’t know why, but sometimes when I am here I feel like I’m in an old Western. 

How To and How Not To

One of the hardest things about being here is wanting to help and not knowing how. If I leave someone in a state of starvation, how on earth am I representing Christ? If I fill someones belly, give their kids medicine, and pay for their kid’s school, and then share the gospel, why is it that they don’t accept Christ?… (more…)

Book Binding

Hefty duty stapler! Who would have ever guessed that the small paper supply shack here in town would have had one of these things. I am now able to bind textbooks together, which means my students now pay 100 ksh for their textbooks instead of 300. It is Amazing how expensive Kitale Printers has become over the past few  months. At first… (more…)

Buying Maize

Kitale and its surrounding areas are the number one maize producers in all of East Africa. We feed the nation with its most common meal, ugali. [Maize is white corn.] This week, I found myself down town at the maize mill buying a sack of ugali flour for an orphanage. I took some pictures on my phone so I could share the… (more…)

Average Day

I was on my way to the ATM and then back down town today when I realized, this use to not look normal to me. One year ago, I would have never walked down a street like this out of fear for my own safety. Now, all I see is happy people and little shops where I might find something… (more…)

Pokot Wedding

There was a huge wedding in Pokot this weekend thanks to Life Changing Discipleship and Greg and Beverly Wootten. They really gave there all to provide these pastors and their wife’s with an official wedding. In Kenya, marriage is a very difficult subject. Mainly because a man must pay a hefty dowry to their future father-in-law before they can officially marry a young lady.… (more…)

The Average Class Room

This weekend, Pastor Thomas and I visited one of BTC’s newest classes. Way past many hills of rain forest and tea plantations, you will find this little class room tucked behind a church in the small village of Kapsabet. Although it is nothing more than a few sheets of metal and a few pieces of hand chopped timber, it is… (more…)