Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pokot Culture Crash Course

Well, I guess if you are going to teach, you better know about the culture where you are teaching. I thought I might share with you some pictures of Pokot native dress. The place where I will be teaching is in a small town on the boarder of West Pokot. Although people in town no longer wear these pieces of… (more…)

Building Friendships

Thank you everyone for your prayer and concern. I am doing much better now and am finally home in Kitale. I have typhoid, but no malaria. Unfortunately the medication I am being treated with may be effecting my logic just a bit. I just found my toothpaste and deodorant in my kitchen cupboards after unpacking everything yesterday. lol. So, we will see how… (more…)

Head Cold

Well, I am positively sure all I have is a head cold. It is going around town and it is the worst one I have ever seen people suffering from in my life. However, I had a positive malaria and typhoid test today, so I will be leaving tomorrow for Nairobi to have a good hospital double check all the… (more…)

Playing with Orphans

Once again, I find myself amazed with the ingenuity of a child. I spent a weekend with an organization called PureLove.  They went to these children to provide them with food for the next month and to play with them. However, I think they provided us with more entertainment then we did them! Pictured to the left is a game that these children had constructed.… (more…)

How do you climb up the Mountain?

Transport is a very interesting thing in Kenya. At first it seems very chaotic, but it is actually very ingenious. To travel up the mountain to the little high school takes two hours by public matatu (buses pictured below). If you want on the bus, you raise your eyebrows to signal the driver. Then, he pulls over, tells you which town he… (more…)

Answered Prayers

All I can say is praise God! As stated yesterday I thought it would be January before any serious class work started, but then I received a call from the school at Mt Elgon around six something this morning. They had a teacher’s meeting and decided to start the Bible course now. And when they said now, they really meant it. They… (more…)

Tongue Tied

Forgive me, I have been a bit tongue tied over the last few weeks. It’s been hard for me to blog about what I am doing because I don’t know where to start! So in today’s post, I will cover official ministry changes so there is no confusion. Then, as the week goes on, I will start sharing with you what… (more…)