Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fried Half Cake

One of my friends who works at a local orphanage asked if I would be willing to cover for her and teach bible studies to the kids while she is in the states. I agreed to go along with her this week and see what she does and meet the kids. Bible study was great, but I quickly found myself… (more…)

Strike has Ended

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers! The teacher’s strike has finally come to an end. For the last month and a half, one of the unions in Kenya had caused a country wide strike. Teachers not participating in the strike were being beaten if caught on campus. Many were disguising themselves as students, or teaching secret night classes after the… (more…)

Mt. Elgon

Sorry for not posting yesterday, electricity was out for 48 hrs. Here is a short video on the Mt. Elgon region and it’s history (there are four parts). I thought it did an excellent job showing off the beautiful countryside. I was able to talk to the pastor at one of the local churches about the violence mentioned in this… (more…)

Answering Aaron’s request, an Update

Sorry everyone for leaving you in the dark so long. I didn’t want to jump the gun and state all my intentions before they were official, but now I can share! I have been praying for the last three months that God would open a door for me to disciple young ladies. Since I moved to Kenya much of my work has… (more…)

Saying Goodbye to Mattaw

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It brings me great sorrow to write you this letter, but I take great joy in the promises of God. He is sovereign, in control, and I trust that He will use me for His glory as long as I endure in the faith and don’t take heed of false doctrine. As of returning… (more…)