Monthly Archives: August 2012

Basketball Comes to Mattaw

The new Basketball court is finally finished, however, I think it will take the kids a while to get the rules of the game down. So far, shooting from the back side of the hoop, having more than one ball on the court, and tackling are allowed.

School’s out for Summer

I could easily tell on my way to Mattaw today that school has let out. Unlike in America, you can tell these mid-school and high-school teens are on break because they are gathering fire wood off the side of the street and riding their maize into town on the back of their bicycles. Being out of school isn’t always that much fun,… (more…)

The Mystery Vegetable

I had a very successful day at the vegetable market. Fresh watermelon, apple mangoes, and coconut are all in season, but I don’t quite know what this thing is. The women who sold it to me said it was a cucumber, but it tastes more like a pickle. Any suggestions on what to do with it??? I really don’t know why I bought this… (more…)

Why we Wear Our Shoes

Well, while I was hospitalized, one of the kids stepped on a nail. His whole leg had swollen before he was taken to the doctor–most likely because he didn’t want anyone to know about the wound. Anyways I thought I would show you all some pictures and send a special thank you to Terri for the M3 Tegaderm Foam. I… (more…)

Back to Work Tomorrow

I took my last antibiotic today and will be back to work tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some pictures for you all soon. This weekend was Caleb’s going away party. Caleb is leaving Mattaw and going to college in Texas. He is the first to ever leave Mattaw. We had goat meat, movies, dancing, singing, crying, praying…till around 11:00… (more…)

Sick Day

Well, I had a fun weekend after drinking some chocolate milk that had gone bad. It’s now three days later, and I am finally returning home after being hospitalized.  I am doing much better now. Point being, avoid milk products while in Africa that are prepackaged. I usually only drink fresh milk that I have pasteurized myself, but lately have gotten lazy.… (more…)

The African Shepherd

In Kenya, the Cattle industry is much different than it is back home in West Texas. Most people don’t have the money they need to feed their cattle nor do they own large ranches for their goats. So, they hire a shepherd to walk their sheep, goats and cattle up and down the streets until they are done grazing for the day.… (more…)