Monthly Archives: July 2012

Stubborn Persistence

I don’t know if many of you have caught on, but as of nearly one year in Kenya, I still don’t know a lick of Swahili. Every time I start taking lessons, someone get’s sick and I end up studying more medical textbooks instead. However, today, my hardheadedness finally met its mach. Pictured to the left is Ayub. Supposedly Ayub means Job in Swahili… (more…)

Walking to Town

If there is anything I use to hate about living in Africa that I now love, it is having to walk to town. Everything is so green this time of the year. However, you can’t get too enamored by the view, and forget about traffic. Bicyclists don’t know how to dodge pedestrians here. The one pictured here is actually a Taxi bicycle.

A Child’s Only Toy

I am shocked sometimes how grateful children here are with the simplest of things. No child in America would treasure this deck of cards, but when it’s the only game you have, you value it.

Separation of Church and State

I showed you all some pictures of a local school the other day, but I didn’t explain what happens over the week when our teams from the States visit them. In Kenya, there is no separation of church and state. This means that Christianity is very much a part of their upbringing, and teachers are always open to letting missionaries come… (more…)

Ingenuity of a Child

Even after being here almost a year, it still amazes me the toys that children create. This young lad was quite proud of his creation. He was running his little Tonka Truck around with sound effects and all.


I spent some time this Sunday with a couple of my Kenyan friends and attended their church. I must say it was one of the most encouraging days I have had since I have been back in Kenya. This is the first time I have ever attended a Kenyan church (besides Mattaw’s) that taught a gospel untainted by the prosperity doctrine that… (more…)

Sukuma Wiki

  Sukuma Wiki is a very common meal in Kenya and literally means “stretch the week.” My understanding behind the name is that it’s a cheap meal and therefore makes the grocery budget last. In my opinion, Mattaw’s house moms make the best Sukuma Wiki in town. Part of their secret is their little hidden garden over the fence and down the… (more…)