Monthly Archives: June 2012

Our Upcoming Photographer

Well, Peter is back to running around Mattaw with my camera. (If you remember, Peter is the boy with Cards for Kenya). Unfortunately, he is back to his old habit of cropping everyone’s head out of the picture. I also caught him running into his room to get pictures of Chumba’s dirty diaper, but luckily his mother saved my camera from… (more…)

Saying Goodbye

All the kids said goodbye to Lisa, my friend visiting from college, today. She has been here for a month and a half helping with sponsorship profiles. She bent down to start giving hugs and all the kids swarmed on top of her and started praying over her for her a safe trip home. I don’t know if there are… (more…)

Back to the Doctor

If you remember from a few weeks ago, we had a little broken arm among us at Mattaw. Today we got the cast off, but not before a trip to the radiologist for one x-ray that took 2 hours. Supposedly the electricity company was not sending them enough electricity to run the equipment. Anyways, after staring at the radiology department for two straight hours… (more…)

True Missions

Sorry for not posting in a while. For some reason, the internet keeps cutting out around the time I usually make a post. Everyone is doing well this week, but I think we are having a malaria outbreak at Mattaw, so please pray for our kids. (If you have family visiting us, don’t worry though, the teams leave the project… (more…)

Compound Politics

Well, I finally have a picture of our little compound primate. I wasn’t quite sure if my new home had one until yesterday morning. I woke up to the dogs throwing a fit. It sounded as if someone had jumped over the compound wall. All I can say is if there is anything that drives a dog crazier than a squirrel,… (more…)


Well, the time has come for dentist appointments at Mattaw. I have begun handing out the donated tooth brushes and tooth paste so they should be ready to go. This week I will be finding a dentist in town who can see all of the kids. Please pray for me a dentist that values all our little mouths. Other than… (more…)

Poor Chui

Oh well, it looks like our old girl Chui has been beaten by the calf. Our dog at Mattaw, Chui, just had puppies, so the kids have been leaving their scraps for her. Unfortunately I guess the calves have been taking their fair share of her meal.