Monthly Archives: May 2012

Unpacking Nightmare

Well, I believe there were more in those bags than I thought! I have spent the whole day unpacking and cleaning dusty things from my old room at Mattaw’s house. It finally got so overwhelming I decided to go on a walk and visit the local Market. It was an  interesting experience learning how to barter with the local vendors… (more…)

Back Home

It has taken me a few days more than expected to reach home, but it has been an amazing trip. Seeing the Kenyan country side and spending a day or two visiting with old friends has reminded me why I missed this country so much. Everything is so beautiful. This is a flower I found in my front yard this morning.… (more…)

Packing Light

 Well the time has come! I will be leaving Dallas tomorrow morning for Nairobi, Kenya. Not only this, but my dad will be traveling with me (he has been planning a visit for a few months now). Unfortunately, my dad thinks I am using up all his luggage space as well as my own. However, I keep trying to explain… (more…)

The Countdown Continues

Well, I am still here in America! I was supposed to leave yesterday but have decided to stay another week before leaving. My health is excellent.  However, week before last, I was still dealing with the insomnia that plagued me while I was sick. I have started sleeping normal again, but my family and friends have convinced me to spend another week… (more…)

Let the Count Down Begin

Only 15 more days till I will be in Kenya!! In the mean time, I have enjoyed traveling around, speaking at different churches, and visiting with friends. I must say, I have been missing Kenya, but I will definitely miss Texas when I fly home to East Africa. Only 15 more days in Texas! I wish my heart was not so… (more…)