Monthly Archives: March 2012

Time to Rest and Get Healthy

Ok, so I have made it back to the USA. The director of Mattaw was kind enough to accompany me home just in case I was too sick to make it through both flights. My parents, as you can see, are taking good care of me, and I should be back to Africa sometime within the next few months–depending on… (more…)

Prayers Needed

This is Elizabeth’s dad. At this point, we are trying to get Elizabeth home so she can receive 1st world medical treatment. She got sick again last night. They flew her to Nairobi last night, and she just arrived at the hospital there for tests. The objective is to get her well enough in the next day or two so… (more…)

Follow up: Doctors Fired

Kenya has fired its 25,000 health care workers who are on strike. Oh boy, this is going to be a busy week for me!

Doctors on Strike

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I am doing much better. It took me a few weeks to recover because the medications I was on were causing some side effects and secondary infections. So, what has been happening in Kitale over the last few weeks? As of last week, the doctors are all on strike. I just passed… (more…)