All our Beautiful Hair

One of the first things our visitors notice about Mattaw is all our girls’ long beautiful hair. This is because Christabel, one or our house moms, puts a daily effort into keeping all of their heads full of perfect, little corn rows, beads, and hair extensions. Some of my coworkers also take time out of their week to paint over 250 little fingernails. You can just tell by looking at these children that they are greatly loved and valued.

My job more or less is to keep the ringworm at bay. I am planning to start them on griseofulvin next week (again) and then revert back to topical treatment. For some reason, almost all the African children in my town have a constant ring worm infection–probably from the barber shop.

2 Responses to All our Beautiful Hair

  1. LM says:

    I like the beauty parlor scene, is that Caleb waiting his turn?

    • elizabeth says:

      Lol, yes Caleb is in the background. I told him that African American men style corn rows, but he can’t hardly believe it. He told me, in Africa, that is strictly a women thing and i’m not planning on trying it.

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