Monthly Archives: February 2012

Still Sick

This is PJM, Elizabeth’s dad. I spoke to her this morning, and she says she is still ill. She is home from the hospital, but the recovery is slow. She is basically staying in bed, trying to get her strength back. Your continued prayers would be appreciated, and we are hoping she will be back to full strength soon.

New Kids Coming Home

Thank you everyone for your  prayers. I am out of the hospital but still very sick. Although having malaria is a great frustration, the worst part is the amount of adventure I am missing out on! I wish I had more pictures of what has been happening at Mattaw this week and less second hand stories. We are rescuing kids!… (more…)


Hi, this is PJM, Elizabeth’s dad. I wanted to let you all know that Elizabeth was admitted to the hospital last night. Apparently she is suffering from some combination of Malaria and Typhoid. Anyway, she was really sick. I spoke to her a while ago, but she was a little groggy so I could not exactly figure out what the… (more…)


The vitamins have finally landed at Mattaw! It took quite a great effort for them to arrive here. The children absolutely love them. Here is a picture of Peter’s mother handing him one! If you all remember, peter is the one that raised the money for them. It has been a long week and still a few more days to go!… (more…)

All our Beautiful Hair

One of the first things our visitors notice about Mattaw is all our girls’ long beautiful hair. This is because Christabel, one or our house moms, puts a daily effort into keeping all of their heads full of perfect, little corn rows, beads, and hair extensions. Some of my coworkers also take time out of their week to paint over 250 little… (more…)

Precious little Feet

Once a month the Mattaw children spend an afternoon dusting, washing, and polishing until every shoe in the village is clean. My question is, how do they keep straight who’s are whos? One of the girls was sick last month, and it took her father 15 minutes to figure out which pair were her’s so I could take her to… (more…)


Well, it’s that season again and everyone is coming down with it–malaria. I even had to hospitalize one of our boys after his boarding school failed to notify us that he was sick. Now, I have been sick, tested positive for Malaria, and am back on the malaria meds. So far, they are not making a difference. Kitale Kenya could… (more…)