Monthly Archives: January 2012

Jungle Boys

Well, well, well look what we have here, Mattaw’s 45th scrape within the last 24 hours. Now, usually I mind my own business, but with so many cuts, bruises, and rashes over such a short period of time, I felt inclined t0 do some investigation. You will never believe what I found. I think this has something to do with one of… (more…)


Sorry for my lack of postings, I have had food poisoning once again. Have no clue how it happened, but it has given me some time at home. Now, I’m not sure that I have mentioned them, but I have two lovey puppies that live at my house.  They fight every day over who gets to jump up on me… (more…)

The Bushmen Meet Technology

Well, well, well, someone got sick and took leave from school and ended up at my house. I think he got a little bored and found some entertainment. I found the aftermath when I plugged my memory card into my computer. So, as payback, I am sharing it with you. Ian and Dan are Turkana, and spent most of their lives… (more…)

African Road Trip

My friends and I went on a road trip today. We were looking for new farming land for Mattaw. I took a bunch of pictures for you all to show you what Kenya looks like during the Dry season. Driving down the road created so much dust that we were covered in red dirt by the time we got home.… (more…)

Cultural Differences

Ok, I finnaly gave in and took a picture of it for you. Every week Caleb, my coworker, and I make a special trip to town to deliver milk for the dairy farm and one of our costomers happens to own the “Blue Line Unixes Salon.” It is located around the corner from “B.S. Security Systems”–I am not making this… (more…)

Moving Day

Lunch with Friends in New Home Well, moving day finally came.  I am staying at Mattaw’s guest house until the lease comes due in February. Mattaw’s guest house is a six bedroom five bathroom house, so you can imagine the amount of cleaning I have been doing! My next home will be much smaller, but in the mean time, I am very thankful… (more…)

Nursing Station

The medical room is nearly completed at Mattaw. Here is a picture of the boys sanding the shelves. They jumped right in and started helping while the adults did all the welding. They also applied a fresh coat of paint in the school. Thank you again (to Scott’s family) for coming all the way to Kenya and helping us complete… (more…)