Monthly Archives: December 2011

Fresh Chocolate Milk

Sorry Georgie boy, I know it take’s me forever, but you need to learn some patience if you intend to ask this city girl for a glass of milk. It is amazing how much work goes into one liter of milk! Ok, new recipe for everyone.  Mattaw’s World Class Chocolate Milk: 1) 1 1/2 cups Whole Cow Milk (Preferably from… (more…)

Cute Kids with Smiles

This is one more picture of Kipsongo I have to share. These kids need your prayers. Many of them are malnourished and sick. People have poured money into their community and it never seems to make any difference. They quickly revert back to poverty. No one here really knows what to do but pray for their hearts and keep trying.… (more…)

Beware the Walking Rice

I have really been enjoying the variety of fruit available in Africa. Things you have never even heard of back in the United States. Just today I was enjoying a wonderful matomoko. When I was about half way through it, someone asked, “is your fruit moving”? I inspected it and found it CRAWLING with maggots, and I had already finished half… (more…)

My First Christmas in Africa

African Church

I had a wonderful African Christmas with my parents this year. As you can imagine, Christmas is very different here. Our day started with Church service at Mattaw. Church in Africa is much more lively than in the US, and it is the high point of the week for those attending. It is very spirited, with lots of drums, singing,… (more…)

My Kenyan Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are having a blessed day. I wanted to share part of my Christmas with you. We went to Landi, a poor village near Mattaw, and gave out candy. We were able to give each child in the village a sucker. It will likely be the only Christmas they have this year. Afterwards, we went… (more…)

Driving Lessons

It’s my Dad’s third day in Africa and Caleb, my coworker, took him for a driving lesson in the Land Rover. It is a little bit harder than it looks. My grandmother will find this hilarious, but the guy who was run off the road into the ditch may disagree about this right lane driver’s comedy act.

Leaning on the Equator

Merry Christmas everyone. My Parent’s have finally landed in Kenya! This is a picture of us crossing the equator into the Northern Hemisphere. They greatly enjoyed the scenic six hour trip to Mattaw. All the farmers are busy harvesting their maze and drying it in the sun. You could smell the aroma of roasting corn all the way to Kitale. We… (more…)