Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch . . .

Service Learning ProjectSince coming to Mattaw, I have been impressed with how effectively the children are fed. Each child gets the needed food, and has a well balanced diet. I had been concerned, however, that the children could benefit from having vitamin supplements. In particular, the children with special health problems would benefit fromĀ supplements. Some students at Eldorado High School heard about this need and launched a project to provide vitamins for Mattaw. They kicked the project off by making and selling Burritos. They made over $150 on their first Burrito Sale. They will continue with their fundraisers until Christmas, and then will purchase the Vitamins and send them out with Mr. PJM. They have also shared with me some much bigger ideas for providing vitamins in the longer term. I don’t want to spoil their surprise, but stay tuned!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Good for Eldorado High kids. A little extra supplement can make the difference between wellness and disease. I hope a good vitamin/mineral company gets on board and gives you a very good price. God Bless you all.

    • elizabeth says:

      I hope so as well, I keep telling the kids they need to do research on vitamins to make sure they are using a suitable brand.

  2. LM says:

    This is wonderful, what a noble deed, and these young people are having. Wonder if they have any idea the impact this could have on those children’s lives. My heart is filled to the brim today! (I can see scrabled eggs,tortillas, meat and cheese, I think I cold make a Burrito myself) Lilly

  3. Al says:

    The Doc says I shouldn’t eat burritos (ie, anything good!) but I want to donate to the project. I will send a check to PJM to get to folks in Eldorado to help purchase Vitamins. I would suggest the other readers of your Blog consider helping with this project, too.

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much Al! I appreciate your generosity. I hope PJM can bring enough for a whole year. I can already imagine him trying to work his way threw the Nairobi baggage claim! Luckily, one of my Kenyan friends and I will be there to help him.

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