Monthly Archives: September 2011

Georgie’s Day

Well, if you remember my post on Little Georgie, I think it would be a shame not to announce that it is his B-day. He turned three years old today. He ran around telling everyone “it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday.” While all the other children were sharing their food, he sat there and ate his whole cake all by… (more…)

Third World Medicine

I took our little guy back to the hospital this morning. They gave him his injection. It was like nothing I have ever seen in my life. See, in the US, when you give an IV medication, you insert a little catheter into the vein, dilute the medication, check to make sure the catheter is in the vein, and then… (more…)

Sickness in a Hailstorm

Sorry for the late post, Kitale has been rationing electricity, so I have been off line. I was in town shopping this morning when I found out one of our HIV children was very sick. The doctors quickly diagnosed him with TB (tuberculosis). The doctor wanted to personally take him to the pharmacy across town and get the IV medication… (more…)

Electricity Down

Elizabeth just left me a phone message and asked that I add this post to her blog for her. She says the electricity and internet have been out all day and that she can not post until utilities are restored. Also, sounds like one of the children is sick, and she is working on getting him the medical attention he… (more…)

Mattaw Moment on Youtube

New Youtube video of Mattaw! I enjoyed this because it shows before and after pictures of the kids. However, it is important not to become distracted by the physical differences and forget about the spiritual. Feeding orphans bread, medically assisting them, and giving them families are all great things, but they are not what make a long term impact on a child’s life–only knowing Jesus… (more…)

Farm Roads Away

Well, I got in the car with the family visiting from Corpus Christi and we went on a road trip–which in Kenya is translated “nausea, big headache and bruised coccyx.” We took farm road after farm road and hit pothole after pothole until we finally arrived at the little village we were searching for.  We brought them some food and payed a… (more…)

Mattaw at the Movie

Our visitors from Corpus Christi surprised the children at Mattaw with their first ever trip to a Movie. They rented the whole theater and bought all of the children lunch. It was an incredibly special day.  They all jumped out of their seats when the sound came on. Peter, one of our six year olds, jumped in my lap, garbed my arms and wrapped them around… (more…)