Monthly Archives: August 2011

Saturdays in the Park

Well, the summer is coming to an end. This Saturday was the next to last day of the “river ministry.” This is the first ministry solely committed to outreach that I have ever taken part in. This is a video of some of the preaching that took place in the park over the summer.

Medical Equipment

I am officially counting down the days until I leave, and medical equipment is finally beginning to come in! I have ordered many different things for Mattaw, but pictured to the right is one of my favorites. It is a pulse oximeter. Pulse oximeters are so common in the US that some professionals consider oxygen saturation to be a fifth vital sign.  In fact, you… (more…)

Valera Baptist Church

I spent my weekend with Lisa Dees, one of my good friends from college, and spoke at her church regarding my mission work. The people at Valera were very generous and provided me with prayer and money for the remaining medical supplies I hopped to acquire.


I would like to take a moment to raise awareness of the ministry taking place in Ghana. Ghana is located in North West Africa, and the northern parts of Ghana  are predominantly Muslims.  However, the gospel is being openly preached in this county by some very brave people serving their local community. Their ministry provides mothers with a place to take their young infants when in… (more…)

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Alright, I had a first ever at the clinic today. I have been shadowing a local pediatrician in preparation for my trip, and there was a girl who limped into the clinic with a possible ACL tear. It was one of the most excruciatingly painful injuries I have ever seen. In the USA these are diagnosed by MRIs and the like. So, I… (more…)


It is hard for me to believe it was one year ago that I had my first encounter with pediatric nursing. My days were consumed with studying childhood obesity, diabetes, and asthma. Three things you wont find much of in Kenya! Many people are unaware that obesity is actually considered a form of malnutrition. However, now my days are consumed with studying undernourishment resulting in… (more…)

Revival at the Rope Swings

I consider myself incredibly blessed to have been on the prayer team this weekend. These people being baptized came with open hearts, poured out a confession of their sins, and asked God for forgiveness. One of these men had a drug addiction that consumed his life as a young man. It sends chills down my spine to hear that he was baptized this weekend… (more…)