10 Hours into the Bush

10 hours into the bush, you will find a people group who have been at war since history was written. These people are known as Pokot and they war with a tribe called Turkana. We spent three days up in the remote border area of these two tribes witnessing, evangelizing, offering medical care, and showing the Jesus film to these people. Although desert, this land is beautiful. Our camp was located at the base of a huge mountain chain full of countless colorful birds, gold, and precious jewels.

It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the countless women I met in these tribes who are desperately in need of discipleship.  So many people in this community know that “Jesus died for my sins,” “Jesus loves me” and “Jesus is my Lord.” They have such simple and pure understanding of the gospel because false doctrines have not made it so deep into the bush. However, I would say around 95% don’t own a bible and a good majority of them cannot read or write in their own language, which means that they know very little about Jesus at all. Which means, when the cults come, they will have a heyday. I am praying that God gives me a way to bring discipleship to this area, possibly though a curriculum for illiterate people.

Pokot Women

In the mean time, many people gave their lives to Christ during our short visit. I found a group of women on the second day who had never heard of baptism, and it turned out that their pastor had never heard of baptism either. So I set down with the tribe elders, the pastor, and the ladies, and explained baptism. They all accepted it, and the next morning my friends John and Benson baptized all 18 of them, starting with the pastor. After baptizing them, we all headed up the river bank when a little shepherd came running to us and asked to be baptized as well. So, we headed back down to the river, explained everything a second time to make sure he understood and then baptized him:19 people total.  


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  1. Al Luedecke says:

    Have you thought abut using technology to hasten the process of witnessing? One application may be to develop a group of presentations to educate those who cannot read, put those presentations onto DVDs and carried large laptop computers to the border and placed the individuals in groups according to their need or stage of development. This would allow you (the instructors) to move about the class and provide backup to the presentation. You could even pause it as needed to clarify something for everyone.

    Issues would be to find people from the Pokot and Turkana tribes to be presenters and prepare them to talk on their subject and providing the large laptops and accessories to handle the job. I would think this would constitute a year of effort if the cost needs could be met.

    This is just the bones of an idea. It may have been done already or is too expensive, but it is probably worth considering for this important need

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